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terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2008

Toad - Toad (1st Album Superb Swiss Heavyrock 1971)

VENENO SUIÇO MEU IRMÃO!! NÃO É SÓ O CHOCOLATE QUE É BOM POR LÁ!! Este é o primeiro album do TOAD, banda suiça de primeira linha e lançado originalmente em 1971. Pra quem conhece, os caras desta banda são ex-membros do Brainticket e jorram um rock n'roll, pesado mas com alta qualidade! Seu album de debut é pesado, blueseiro e experimental. Este primeiro disco é raro e difícil de ser encontrado. Tem que garimpar. Seu segundo album, "Tomorrow Blue", que em breve vou disponibilizar neste blog, é hard rock mas com variações surpreendentes ao estilo Sperrmüll, com Hendrix, Status Quo e influências de Rithm Blues.

First Toad album, originally issued by Swiss label Halleluja in the 1971. Ex-members of Brainticket investigating the realms of skull crushing heavy rock! Certified savage guitar from Vic Vergeat! Swiss hard rock band formed by members of the original Brainticket, Toad's history is obscure and largely undocumented. Their debut is said to be in the realms of Dies Irae, being heavy, bluesy and experimental. However, despite getting a British release, we've never managed to locate a copy. Their second album, "Tomorrow Blue" was surprisingly straight hard-rock, akin to Sperrmüll, with Hendrix, Status Quo and R&B influences. Their original lead singer Benjamin Jäger went on to Island.

Why does anyone bother with the current crop of "stoner rock" when there's so much better stuff made back in the original stoner age (the '70s) now being reissued?? If you're into the Man's Ruin roster, and prone to buying albums by the latest Swedish Kyuss clone, yet don't have, say, Lucifer's Friend, Flower Travellin' Band, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, or Buffalo reissues in your collection, it's time to get with the program! Not that that's easy, since much of the good old shit is definitely obscure and unheralded. For instance, we hadn't ever heard of this Swiss band Toad until a kindly customer sold back a bootleg cd with an intriguing cover a couple years ago. Now, here's a legit reissue of the same album thanks to the freaks at Second Battle.

This self-titled disc is the first and best of Toad's three LPs, serving up hard-rockin' stoner psych in the best blues-based tradition of early Blue Cheer and Led Zep. The first track "Cotton Wood Hill" will offer a clue about the lineage of this band, as Toad's rhythm section played on the classic LP of that same title by acid-fried Krautrockers Brainticket! Toad boasts an excellent vocalist put to good use on the more melodic parts of their sometimes quite long songs, but a large part of the LP is occupied by heavy (HEAVY) jamming instrumental excursions featuring the killer guitar of one Vic Vergeat. This is genuine heaviness, circa 1971. (Aquarius Records)

01. Cotton Wood Hill - 8.36
02. A Life That Ain't Worth Living - 3.29
03. Tank - 3.28
04. They Say I'm Mad - 6.47
05. Life Goes On - 11.58
06. Pig's Walk - 7.27
07. The One I Mean - 2.35
08. Stay (Bonus)
09. Animal World (Bonus)
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