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Outlaw Blues Band - The Outlaw Blues Band (1968 US Blues Prog Psych)

EXCELENTE E OBSCURA BANDA DE BLUES QUE DECIDIU SE CHAMAR OUTLAW (FORA DA LEI) POR CAUSA DE SUA MUSICA CONSIDERADA NADA CONVENCIONAL EM 1968!! O SOM DOS CARAS, APESAR DE SER UMA BANDA DE BLUES, ERA BEM PROGRESSIVA PARA OS PADRÕES DA ÉPOCA EM QUE GRAVARAM ESTE SEU PRIMEIRO ALBUM, ALÉM DE CONTER ALTAS DOSES DE PSICODELISMO!! A VERSÃO QUE FIZERAM PARA A MUSICA "TOBACO ROAD" ERA COMPLETAMENTE INCOMUM!! UMA OBRA!! ERA UMA BANDA A FRENTE DE SEU TEMPO!! VENENO RARÍSSIMO E EXCELENTE!!The Outlaw Blues Band decided to call themselves outlaws because of their self-proclaimed unconventional music. This is how they referred to rock music of the day-"It’s a 4/4 tempo that’s still rocking in its chair, not as a lady, but as a wench that shook up the historical path of music." They stated in the album liner notes that they created the song "Death Dog Of Doom" in 6/8 tempo, thus making them a progressive band.
I agree that their sound is very progressive for the time that they recorded this album (1968). Being an avid electric blues lover myself, I found this LP very easy to appreciate. "Two ‘Tranes Running" is most likely a dedication to John Coltrane. It sounds very much like free form progressive jazz. Possibly this is what Coltrane would have sounded like if a clone of him were playing in the same room. This is only a hypothesis of what I heard; others may have an entirely different interpretation than I. Their version of "Tobacco Road" was quite unusual. I had never heard the song done this way. I knew I was in for a ride when that song played through.
This group was far ahead of its time. They were to make one more album, "Breaking In", in 1969. And that was the end of this out of the ordinary group. It’s to bad it couldn’t have lasted longer. I would have been very interesting to see how things developed over the course of a few more albums.

Victor Aleman: Drums-Timbales, Background Vocals
Joe Whiteman: Tenor Saxophone
Phillip John Diaz: Lead and rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Joe Francis Gonzalez: Bass, Background Vocals
Leon Rubenhold: Harmonica, Background Vocals

1. Tabacco Road
2. Tried To Be A Good Boy
3. How Bad Love Can Be
4. Ive Got To Have Peace On My Mind
5. Lost In The Blues
6. Death Dog Of Doom
7. Sweet Sixteen
8. Two Trains Running
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