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Siegel Schwall Band - Siegel Schwall Band 1971

The Siegel-Schwall Band is an album by the blues-rock group the Siegel-Schwall Band. Released in 1971, it was their fifth album, and their first to be released by Wooden Nickel Records.[2] It is not to be confused with the band's 1966 debut album, which is also titled The Siegel-Schwall Band.[3]

Siegel-Schwall Band
Corky Siegel – piano, harmonica, vocals
Jim Schwall – guitar, vocals
Rollo Radford – bass, vocals
Shelly Plotkin – drums
[edit] Production

1."(Wish I Was on a) Country Road" (Jim Post, Corky Siegel) – 3:19
2."Devil" (Siegel) – 5:10
3."Leavin'" (Jim Schwall) – 3:10
4."Corrina" (traditional) – 6:05
5."I Won't Hold My Breath" (Siegel) – 4:01
6."Next to You" (Schwall) – 4:20
7."Hush Hush" (Jimmy Reed) – 11:06
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