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NEXT - Dusty Shoes (1971 Rare Canadian Hard Rock)


Depois de alguns singles de sucesso no Canadá, garantiram um contrato com a Warner Brothers e, no final de 1971, sai o album "Dusty Shoes" que foi lançado com uma divulgação bem limitada e a distribuição muito pobre!! Com isso o álbum não fez sucesso e a banda acabou em 1973!! A sonoridade é um Hard Rock setentista com organ pesado e violões bem legal com algumas lembranças de Grand Funk Raillroad!! Os membros da banda NEXT mais tarde se bandearam pra outras bandas como The Guess Who, Arlequim e The Litter!! VENENO CANADENSE ALTAMENTE RECOMENDADO!! VENENASSO!!
Winnipeg's Next were an offshoot of regional heroes The Fifth. After a fairly successful run of singles in Canada, The Fifth split in 1970 with several members of the band defecting to other acts in the region. One such product of the split was Next. The band were quickly able to secure a contract with Warner Brothers and by late 1971, "Dusty Shoes" was released. With somewhat limited exposure and very poor distribution, the album sank without a trace and Next were history by the end of 1973. Members would later turn up in The Guess Who, Harlequin and The Litter.
"Dusty Shoes" is very much typical of the era from which it sprang. Overall, it's tastefully arranged organ/guitar driven pseudo hard rock that recalls Grand Funk Railroad quite a bit in places. With the soulfully gritty vocals of George Belanger, everything here has an edge which makes much of the material here sound harder than it actually is. That subtle dynamic is what carries most of this album and makes it a truly satisfying listen. Check out this obscure offering from Next, contributed by Orchman. Dig it...

George Belanger (lead vocals)
Ralph Watts (lead guitar)
James Grabowski (organ)
Al Johnson (drums)
Brian Sellar (bass)
01 - Which Way
02 - What Have I Done
03 - Take Me With You
04 - They Should Care
05 - Strange Mood
06 - Dreams
07 - Be Free
08 - Don't Let Go
09 - Dusty Shoes

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