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Request: FEVER TREE - Fever Tree & Another Time, Another Place (1968-69 US West Coast Psych Garage Rock)

Fever Tree (1968) - Their debut album was a strong psychedelic affair, and included their legendary San Francisco girls along with a smorgasbord of similar gems.  Starting with Bach's Toccata in fugue and minor, this album is a feast of psychedelic experimentation, with strong songs, and strangely seductive distorted guitars. 

Another time, another place (1968) - Continuing in the same vein as the first album, this is a similar sounding record, although the musicianship had gotten better.  For me the best moment is the almost Iron Butterfly-ish reworking of "Man who paints the pictures".  A very strong follow up, it's a mistery why this album didn't chart higher than it did (no. 83).
Although mostly known for their 1968 anthem of psychedelia "San Francisco girls (return of the native)", Fever Tree recorded some of the most interesting psychedelic rock albums of the late 60's.  Formed in Houston, Texas from the ashes of the band Bostwick Vine by Dennis Keller (vocals), Rob Landes (keyboards, flute and more), E.E.Wolfe lll (bass), Michael Knust (guitar) and John Tuttle (drums.  After releasing two unremarkable singles in 1967 that both flopped, they enlisted producers/songwriters Scott and Vivian Holtzman.  With them they recorded their legendary debut album, which included the near-hit (no.91) single San Francisco girls.  Their unique brand of psychedelic rock filled with classical experiments was recieved well, and two similar albums followed in 1968 and 1970.  Major sucess still eluding them, most of the bandmembers threw in the towel.  In 1970  they recorded a fourth and last album, For sale.  Largely played by session men (inc. Kevin Kelley ex-Byrds) the abum was a disappointing and predictable mainstream pop album, and a commercial disaster.  The band officially called it quits after that, later to be reformed for a short while by Michael Knust backed by a brand new line-up. 

Their first three albums are still considered by many sixties fanatics some of the best and most overloked of that genre, managing to combine the psychedelic sound of the San Francisco bands like Jefferson Airplane with symphonic experiments and hard rockin guitars .
The band hailed from Houston, Texas and started in 1966 as folk rock outfit, The Bostwick Vines. They changed their name to Fever Tree a year later after the addition of keyboard player Rob Landes.
Their fifteen minutes of fame arrived when their song "San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)" reached #91 in the U.S. charts, sometime in late 1968. Like most of the band's material, it was written by the couple of Scott and Vivian Holtzman, who also were their producers. This four-minute track captured all the band's trademarks: Dennis Keller's incantation-like vocals, the quick shifting between slow parts with an almost sacral feeling and faster, more rock-oriented parts, and especially the searing guitar work by Michael Knust.
Fever Tree also released their self-titled debut album, Fever Tree, in 1968, which charted at #156. A second album, Another Time, Another Place, followed in 1969. Apart from "San Francisco Girls", they never had another hit, although they later also tried writing songs themselves when they had dropped the Holtzmans as producers. The group disbanded in 1970, but reformed in 1978 with only guitarist Michael Knust remaining from the original line-up. The new formation of the group had little commercial success; Fever Tree was not heard of again until 2003 when Michael Knust passed away.
Fever Tree (1968), Uni Records/MCA
Another Time, Another Place (1968), Uni/MCA
Creation (1969), Uni/MCA
For Sale (1970), Ampex Records
Live at Lake Charles (1978), Shroom Records (Wikipedia)

Dennis Keller - vocals
Michael Stephen Knust (March 11 1949 - September 15 2003) - guitar
Rob Landes - synthesizer, organ, piano
E.E. "Bud" Wolfe - bass guitar
Bob Stanley (9-4-53)abilene, tx - drums
01. Imitation Situation 1 & Where Do You Go? - 4:03
02. San Franciscan Girls - 4:02
03. Ninety-Nine and One-Half - 2:47
04. Man Who Paints the Pictures - 2:34
05. Filligree and Shadow - 3:56
06. The Sun Also Rises - 2:43
07. Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out - 3:31
08. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing - 3:04
09. Unlock My Door - 3:50
10. Come with Me - 3:49
11. Man Who Paints the Pictures II - 6:51
12. What Time Did You Say It Is in Salt Lake City? - 3:16
13. Don't Come Crying to Me Girl - 2:30
14. Fever - 3:41
15. Grand Candy Young Sweet - 1:54
16. Jokes Are for Sad People - 7:15
17. I've Never Seen Evergreen - 3:25
18. Peace of Mind - 3:12
19. Death Is the Dancer - 3:57
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