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The Master's Apprentices - Three Rare EPs


The Masters Apprentices - Turn Up Your Radio EP (1970 Australian)

This is the 7" vinyl extended play "Turn Up Your Radio" by The Master's Apprentices. It is an AUSTRALIAN pressing, released in 1970 on the Columbia label (SEGO-70190).

- Jim Keays / vocals, guitars
- Doug Ford / guitars, vocals
- Glenn Wheatley / bass
- Colin Burgess / drums

1. Turn Up Your Radio
2. 5.10 Man
3. Merry-Go-Round
4. Think About Tomorrow Today


The Masters Apprentices - Vol. 2 EP (1967 Australian)

Contains four songs from their psych period!! "VERY RARE" 1967  Australia  Original!! Aussie  60s  Psych/Garage 60s Beat EP!!Australian psychedelia only came on in small doses. Many of our best acid drops were restricted to 7" single releases rather than albums even for successful acts like the Masters Apprentices. Lead singer Jim Keays concedes Vol. 2 should have been a full-blown psychedelic album. However, the LP got lost in a summer haze of sex, drugs, heavy touring, sackings and nervous breakdowns.

1. Living in a Child's Dream
2. War of Hands of Time
3. Elevator Driver
4. Tired of Just Wandering


The Masters Apprentices - Undecided First EP (1966 Australian)

Masters Apprentices and our first single!! The first single "Undecided" / "Wars or Hands Of Time" was released in October 1966!!

Original lineup, 1965-67: 
Jim Keays (lead vocals, harmonica) 
Mick Bower (guitar, vocals) 
Brian Vaughton (drums) 1965-66 
Gavin Webb (bs) 1965-68 
Rick Morrison (gtr) 1965-67 

01- Undecided
02 - Wars Or Hands Of Time

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